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How to Share A Post With Multiple Photos Or Videos On Instagram: Follow The Steps


You have become familiar with the term Instagram, and you have most certainly used its services.

According to data collected from all around the world, it is possible to assert that hundreds, or perhaps millions, of people, are now making use of this platform for purposes that could be either personal or commercial.

Users find they have a lot of fun using Instagram since it offers many features and qualities that they appreciate.

One of these features allows you to add ten photographs and videos to a single post—this feature is named Carousel.

Because users may enjoy using this function to submit their everyday memories or business and advertising content as an album, we have produced a step-by-step tutorial for you so that you may upload more than one photo or video in a single upload or track the Instagram post.

Follow us to learn this fantastic thing, and feel free to utilize it in any shares you create.

Before we begin anything else, let’s become familiar with Carousel’s fascinating Instagram feature right from the outset.

instagram Carousel

What is Carousel?

The 10.9 updates for Android and iOS delivered a new feature to users of Instagram, based on which it enables itself to post up to 10 photos and videos at a time.

Instagram is known for regularly releasing new updates to make the app more convenient for its users. Send everything at once. This brand-new function is known as the “Carousel.”

When you submit numerous photos using the Carousel, they will be combined into a single post displayed in the feed.

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Below each photo, there will be a series of blue dots to indicate that viewers may navigate around the gallery by swiping left and right.

Users can now arrange and share their images about memorable events, etc., in a single post with the assistance of this functionality.

They can use their memories more consistently and relevantly to capture their audience’s attention.

It is possible to publish up to ten videos in one post because this function enables users to contribute a collection of films. As a result, you may post video content up to ten minutes long.

You have gained knowledge about Carousel and discovered what this Instagram feature entails up to this point. Keep up with us to determine how we put this functionality to use.

The Step-by-Step Guide to Uploading Multiple Photos and Videos to Instagram (Carousel)

As was previously discussed in this piece, Instagram gives its users access to various features that they can take advantage of and spend time exploring.

This feature, like any other, should be completed in the steps outlined here in this part, where we have complete instructions on how to upload a maximum of 10 photos or videos, or a mix of the two, into an Instagram post.

To share the carousel post on Instagram, follow the guides below:

  • Startup your Instagram app and tap the plus icon at the bottom of the screen.
  • Next, after you have tapped the plus sign, you will be able to see the latest photos and videos that have been stored on your phone. You can then press and hold any of your preferred photos or videos till you notice a slight shaking. Now “Multiple Selection” enabled, go through the gallery and choose the remaining nine pictures or videos you want to submit.
  • Following the previous step, Instagram will now direct you to a new tab where you can modify your photos using the many available filters. The filter you choose will be applied in a default manner to all of the photographs. If you have a unique filter for each photo, you can select the image you wish to edit by tapping on it and applying the filter. Tap the “Done” button after making a decision that satisfies you.
  • After the picture has been effectively modified and chosen, the next step is to go to the following page, where you will either copy and paste your caption or write it while doing so simultaneously. The following step requires you to finish the process by selecting the “Add Location” and “Tag People” choices. Tap the “People tags” option while viewing a single photo, and then tag your pals in the images you love the most.
  • To finish, choose ‘Share’ from the menu to share your post that contains numerous photographs and videos.
  • And it’s finished.
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Now you have a post on your feed that contains several photos and videos simultaneously as an album that will stay on your homepage until you manually delete it.

instagram Carousel


This article attempts to understand the newly introduced Instagram feature known as Carousel comprehensively.

Specifically, we will explain that this Instagram feature enables users to upload multiple photos and videos in a single post without having to delete any memories associated with a particular event.

Increase the level of engagement between you and your followers by letting your creative side loose on your feed in its whole, using the carousel function any way you see fit, and unleashing your spirit of the invention.

We hope you find this helpful information and make good use of it. Beginning today, you will be able to quickly and easily share a post that is both comprehensive and appealing to your friends and followers.


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