Instagram story stickers: the DM me sticker

Instagram story stickers: the DM me sticker


The virtual world has become the new trend of our era.

Almost every task that used to be in real life is now entitled to virtual networks. Even getting food and shopping is now on internet-based platforms.

One of the things that got virtualized is the human interactions that we used to do face to face.

But now, if you have a friend across the globe, you can see them or hear their voice via your smartphone; this innovation is impressive.

The most significant part of virtualization is the social media platforms that multi-task and perform on many levels.

Today, we will talk about Instagram, a visual social media platform with an exciting tool called the Instagram story.

This function helps a lot of people connect.

The Instagram stories have another tool built-in; one of them is the sticker library, which has many valuable components for all users.

A sticker called “DM me” is one of the platform’s exciting and most anted stickers.

So, let’s start the article and study the DM me sticker on Instagram stories.

A brief introduction to Instagram story

Instagram is one of the social platforms acquired by Meta, which is the old Facebook.

This platform works based on the content that users share on it; this social network is the perfect place to share your photos and videos and anything media-related.

Instagram added excellent functions over time, such as reels, IGTV, or stories.

Our topic for today’s article is related to the story option of the Instagram app and a particular tool inside this function.

Instagram stories were an innovative way to offer users the chance to share short videos or photos for 24 hours straight.

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Instagram stories can be used in many ways.

You can use them to promote a particular user or share brief moments of your day that may be interesting for your audience.

Now let’s talk about stickers on Instagram stories.

There is an option on the Instagram story section called stickers library, and these are, as the name suggests, stickers that go on the Instagram story and help it in some ways.

We talked about a specific sticker called the “DM me” Instagram story sticker.

So, let’s get to the next section of the article and see what is “DM me” Instagram story sticker is.

What is the “DM me” sticker on your Instagram story?

As we mentioned in the last section, “DM me” is a story sticker that allows your audience to message you by tapping on the sticker directly.

Seems simple right?

What is the "DM me" sticker on your Instagram story?

But there are some obstacles to this sticker, and some users reported that they don’t have the “DM me” sticker on their Instagram story sticker library. But why?

We will tell you all about it in the next section of this article, and we will be offering you a tutorial on using this sticker on your Instagram stories.

Before we get to the tutorial, let’s mention that using this sticker means that everybody who can see your story can DM you; However, if you don’t want everyone to be able to DM (Direct message) you, there is a solution.

You can change the story settings so only your followers can DM you.

Now let’s get to the tutorial.

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How to use the “DM me” sticker on your Instagram story? (How to get the “DM me” sticker?)

There are several ways to use an Instagram story, as we told you.

Today we will lead with an example:

Imagine that you are a photographer and need a live model to shoot, and you want to share an Instagram story saying that you are looking for a model, and everyone interested can DM you.

In this case, you will need the “DM me” sticker on your Instagram story that you are willing to share; now, let’s see how we can use it:

Step 1

  • Open up your Instagram app on your smartphone or your PC and go to the main page of your Instagram account.


Step 2

  • On your main page, swipe right, and you will be taken to a new page called the “Instagram story” page.

On this page, we will be making our Instagram story.

Step 3

  • Create the story you had in mind or use a video or photo you already prepared, and select it.

Step 4

  • Now you have to add the sticker. Tap on the sticker logo on the right top corner of the screen to open up the sticker library. Then select the “DM me” sticker.

Step 5

  • The only thing left to do is locate the sticker on the part of the screen you desire.

How to use the "DM me" sticker on your Instagram story? (How to get the "DM me" sticker?)

Then tap on the “your story” button in the bottom left corner of the screen to share your Instagram story with your followers.

Keep in mind that this tutorial is for the times you have the “DM me” sticker available on your Instagram account.

But what if the “DM me” sticker doesn’t work?

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This issue happens way often. However, there are several reasons and solutions for fixing this problem that we will be listed right below:

  • You don’t have enough interactions on Instagram.
  • You don’t interact a lot.
  • Instagram doesn’t see the “DM me” sticker necessary for your account.

These were the reasons that this problem could happen; now to the solutions:

  • Contact Instagram via the FAQ section.
  • Contact Instagram on the Instagram app.
  • Reinstall the app.
  • Use VPN or IP changer
  • Tag Instagram in a post that you are sharing.

This was a temporary solution for getting the “DM me” sticker on your Instagram story.

Now that we talked about everything regarding this sticker, it is time to conclude the article; come with us.


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The bottom line

We talked about some of the stickers on the Instagram story section in this statement.

We learned why your “DM me” sticker doesn’t work and what you can do about it.

Overall using the “DM me” sticker on your Instagram stories can be beneficial in so many ways; remember that we said interaction with your audience is the critical Instagram to taking you seriously.

If you own a business on Instagram or work with people, you have to work on your communication skills to get the best income out of your Instagram business.

We are delighted that you stayed with us until the end of this article; if you have any opinions on using the “DM me” sticker on Instagram stories or if you have experienced any issues regarding this subject, contact us via the comment section below.

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