How to use mention stickers on Instagram stories? (+ 5 EASY WAYS)

Instagram story stickers: The Mention Sticker

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Interacting with your audience and followers on social media is critical for the virtual experience.

Having the ability to contact users in the same field of work as you are is one of the critical points of social platforms.

Today, we will talk about Instagram Stories and the stickers you can use to increase the interaction rate in your profile.

You are an artist, and someone you know has shared your work and credited you on the caption of the post they made. There is a way to appreciate their work, or in other words, you can thank them.

Using the Mention Sticker on Instagram stories is the path we are trying to go.

In the Instagram story sticker library, a particular sticker is named the mentioned sticker.

This article will talk about this sticker and how using this sticker can benefit your Instagram experience.

So, let’s get to the article and learn about the Mention Stickers on Instagram stories.

A brief introduction to Instagram story stickers

As you know, Instagram has a lot of functionalities that are made to help you use the app better for many purposes.

There is something called an Instagram story responsible for capturing some of the brief moments you go through every day among these functions.

However, inside this story function, another tool called stickers is created to add up to the value of your Instagram story.

There are two types of stickers:

  • Practical
  • Visual

The sticker that we are going to talk about today is a practical sticker that will aid you in shaping your Instagram story better.

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Following this article, we will talk about the Mentioned Sticker on Instagram stories and the best ways of using this sticker on your Instagram account.

A brief introduction to Instagram story stickers

What is the Mention Sticker on Instagram? (+ 2 METHOD)

As we said, there are a lot of stickers to use in your Instagram story section.

But the main reason that we are here today is the Mention Sticker, which is used to tag someone. Let us elaborate.

Imagine that you are sharing a song that you like very much, and you want the artist to know that you are sharing their content in your Instagram story.

There are two ways that you can mention someone in your Instagram story:

1.   Using the text tool

There is a standard tool on the Instagram story-making page that you can utilize to write any text that you desire with styles that Instagram offers you.

There is another use for text tools on Instagram stories: tag a particular person.

The only thing you have to do is type a “@” sign before entering their Instagram id, and then they will be notified that you mentioned them in your Instagram story.

2.   Using the Mention Sticker

The second option you can use to mention a user in your story is to use the Mention Sticker located in your Instagram sticker library.

This tag does the same job, but the only difference is that you don’t have to include the “@” sign to mention their ID.

These are the two methods you can mention someone in your content.

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However, we will teach you the tutorial to use the mentioned sticker on your account, so let’s get to the tutorial without any more words.

How to use mention stickers on Instagram stories? (+ 5 EASY WAYS)

How to use mention stickers on Instagram stories? (+ 5 EASY WAYS)

In the last section, we mentioned that using a mention sticker allows you to notify a user that you are saying their account on your Instagram story and now let’s see how you can do such an act.

Step 1

  • Go to the Instagram app on your smartphone and wait for it to load up properly.

Step 2

  • After getting ready, swipe right on your Instagram main page; by doing, you will be transferred into the story section of the Instagram platform.


Step 3

  • In this step, you have to create or choose the story you want to share with your followers on social media, and then we get to the sticker part.

Step 4

  • You must apply the mentioned sticker to your story in this tutorial section. To do this, tap on the sticker logo on the top right corner of your page.

This will open up a list of stickers for you to use. Select the mentioned sticker.

Step 5

  • The sticker asks you to insert the user’s ID that you are trying to mention. Write down the ID that you have in mind. After writing the ID, you can resize or move the sticker to wherever you want.

After selecting the ID, tap on the “your story” option in the bottom left corner of the screen to share the story with your audience.

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Before ending the article, let’s talk about some of the situations you have to use an Instagram mention sticker.

Where to use the Instagram mention sticker?

In this section, we are going to talk about the unique places where you have to use the Mention Sticker:

  • (Mandatory) when you are trying to share an artist’s work or, for that matter, any content that isn’t yours, it is nice and mandatory to mention the original creator of that content.
  • (Optional) When you are trying to promote a service or product that you received, it would be great if you mentioned the provider.
  • (Optional) if your content is inspired by another creator, tagging them in your Instagram story can be very useful to get recognized and receive more exposure.

Remember always to obey these guidelines.

Now let’s get to the conclusion.


In this article, we learned that there are several ways that you can use the Instagram story Mention Function. Using these methods, you can raise your Instagram account’s level of reach and exposure.

We hope that this article will be helpful to your Instagram story journey. If you have any additional questions about “Instagram story stickers: The Mention Sticker” or if you have something to add to this article, contact us via the comment section below.

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