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Enter the URL of the Video you want to download from Instagram.


Enter the URL of the Video you want to download from Instagram.

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What exactly is a downloader for Instagram?

The Instagram Video Downloader is a freemium internet tool that enables users to rapidly download videos straight from Instagram and save them to their devices such as iPhone, Android, PC, or Mac systems.

Users can access the Instagram Video Downloader on this website easily. Using Instagram's built-in Video Downloader is how to accomplish this goal.

In the place that has been given for it, you will need to copy and paste the URL of the video stored on Instagram.

For the remainder of this section, we have listed the features that you can discover in indownloaders as follows:

The features of the Instagram video downloader tool (+5 practical capabilities)

  • Particularly notable factors indicate that it is both straightforward and secure.
  • The user does not need to sign up for a new account or connect to their existing Instagram account to utilize this feature.
  • The user can quickly and easily download Instagram video in a high resolution and exceptional quality with only one click.
  • The distinguishing characteristic of this program is that it enables users to store and download Instagram videos from private accounts easily.
  • Considering these challenges, if a person wishes to save a profile picture from any Instagram account, they may do so by utilizing our Instagram profile downloader. This allows them to download and save any profile photo from any Instagram account.

Downloading Instagram Videos (Private & Public Accounts)

The fact that the video downloaded from this app must originate from an Instagram account viewable by the general public is the most crucial element of this application.

However, for users to access videos from private Instagram accounts, they will need to follow different steps.

Therefore, let's study them in their capacities:
  • Downloading videos from public accounts
  • Downloading videos from private accounts.

Steps of downloading Instagram Videos from public accounts (+ 4 EASY STEPS)

The whole point is that you should get started with the process by opening the video you want to share on Instagram in your browser and copying the corresponding URL, but take into account the fact that this stage is completed in various ways for each of the versions of systems, as will be detailed in the following paragraph:

Instagram app (JUST ONE SIMPLE STEP)

You can copy the link to your clipboard by opening the Instagram app, selecting the video you want to share, then tapping the three dots that appear to the right of the video's title.


  • Step 1: • To save the Instagram video to your computer's hard drive, right-click on the date next to the video on Instagram when using your PC or Mac.
instagram reels video download
copy link of video
  • Step 2:  Next, choose the option to "Copy Link Address." “View”.
how to download instagram reels to gallery
view instagram videos
  • Step 3: • After that, you should then enter the URL that you copied into the text box shown above.
instagram reel downloader
download instagram videos
  • Step 4: • In the end, choose the "Download" option to start the download.

We have led you over every step of using Instagram Video Downloader, and if you follow our directions, you will find that it is both pleasant and straightforward to use.

Ok! Using a free and web-based Instagram downloader application, you will learn how to download videos from public Instagram accounts in this article.

It is time to begin researching the procedures for private accounts. Simply keeping up with us is all that is required of you.

Steps of downloading Instagram Videos from private accounts (+ 6 EASY STEPS)

You can download IG on your computer or Mac, all you have to do is copy the link of the video, and paste it on the website, then save Instagram reel to PC, you will find it in the Downloads folder.

  • Launch the internet browser application on your device, whether it's an iPhone, an Android, or a personal computer
  • Once that is complete, open Instagram on your web browser, and then enter your login and password.
  • Move your mouse pointer over the file you wish to save to download a video.
  • You can copy the URL of the video using the Instagram app or your web browser on your computer.
  • Highlight the URL, copy it, and paste it into the Instagram Downloader box to start the download.
  • When you are finished, click the Download button on the screen to save your photograph or video to your computer or mobile device.
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copy video url

Key Feature of Instagram video downloader:

  • Free, Fast & Secure tool for any Instagram Video Downloading.
  • No need to download an additional app.
  • No need to create an account for downloading videos.
  • No need to share your login or signup details.
  • Download Instagram video on any device like (Mobile Phone, iPhone, Tablet, Pc.)
  • Download IG video in original quality.
  • You can also download IGTV videos, Photos, and Feed videos.
  • FAQs

    ❓ Is the Instagram video downloader free?

    Yes! in our instagram video downloader will stay free for everyone. We are happy to help people and in order to keep the Instagram video download tool alive.

    ❓ How to download Instagram video on iPhone for free?

    You can download Instagram video on iPhone only with and from the Safari browser of Apple device. It works only on the latest iOS 13 version or any other newest versions. Go to IG app on your iPhone or iPad and copy the post URL of video or photo. Go back to the Safari browser where the Instagram downloader website should be opened. Paste the link onto the input field of the Instagram video downloader and press the right side button of the field. In a few seconds you will get the link for downloading.

    ❓ How fast is the instagram video downloader?

    fast enough to not keep you waiting. One you enter the link, it will take seconds for our tool to process the video.

    ❓ Is it feasible to get videos from YouTube using this free program available online?

    To provide a satisfactory response to this inquiry, we need to emphasize that videos cannot be downloaded from YouTube.

    ❓ How much does it cost to get this service? Is there a cost associated with this?

    If we depend on this response, we need to share some encouraging information with the users that there are no fees associated with using this service and there are no time limits on downloads.