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Instagram Highlights Downloader

Downloading Highlights Instagram is one of the necessary features, as it allows you to download Instagram videos, and Instagram Highlights to your devices.

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Downloading Instagram highlights is not as easy as it seems. If you have tried downloading Instagram highlights, you might have encountered the problem of downloading them. The first thing that comes to mind is the “Download” button on your Instagram profile. But then you will realize that it doesn’t work! So what do you do? How do you download Instagram highlights? Downloading Highlights Instagram is easy and can be done within a few minutes.

Instagram highlights Downloader

What is Instagram Highlights Downloader hd quality?

With the Instagram highlights saver you can download the featured stories of Instagram users. You can download Highlights through our website. Our tools have been developed to download them. The Highlights download tool allows you to download them anonymously.

Insta Highlights Downloader

Using this tool is completely free and easy.

Our Instagram Highlight downloader is ready to prepare and download all the photos and videos of an Instagram highlight for you. There is no limit to the number of highlighted stories.

How To Download Instagram Highlights? with url, link or user name anonymously?

  • 1) Copy the URL link: Open Instagram, copy the Highlight URL link. This is usually done by touching the 3-dots button and selecting the copy link.
instagram highlight download
Go to page and click on highlight
instagram highlight download
Copy highlights instagram URL
instagram highlight download with url
Copy highlight instagram URL
  • 2) Paste URL Into indownloaders: Go back to indownloaders, paste the URL link into the search field, and click the View button to prepare download links. It may takes 5-30 seconds.
instagram highlight download
Paste highlights instagram URL
  • 3) Download & Save The File All videos and images will be displayed for you with the highest quality. Now, you can download and save any you want with a direct link and high speed.
instagram highlight download with link
Download highlights


❓ What is the Indownloaders Online Instagram Highlights Downloader?

Sometimes you may want to download photos and videos that you have previously published and highlighted as a story and save them in the gallery of your mobile phone or computer, or you may like other people's Instagram highlighted stories but do not know how to save them. One of the solutions is to take screenshots of them, but in this case, the photos have low quality, and it is also not possible to save videos this way. Indownloders now comes to your aid with the Online Instagram Highlight Downloader tool so you can easily download and save all your Instagram highlights on your phone, tablet, or laptop. It is good to know that this tool is entirely free, and you do not need to create any application or user account.

📱 Does it free to download Instagram Highlights from Indownloaders?

Yes, of course. You can use our Highlights Downloader tool 100% free and unlimited use.

📲 What file formats can I download Highlights?

We will extract all Highlight videos to MP4 and photos to jpg format which are the most papular formats.

💻 Can I watch the downloaded Instagram Highlights offline mode?

Clearly yes. You’re able to watch the videos & images after downloading them on Indownloaders.

❓ Where are going Highlight files after being downloaded?

All Highlights are saved in the “Downloads” folder on almost all devices Android, iOS, iPhone/iPad, Windows, and Mac.

💾 What device can I use to download Highlights from Instagram

Use any device you like! The Indownloaders Highlights Downloader is compatible with all devices and OS – from Android to IOS, from Windows to Mac, Samsung to iPhone, and Huawei.

❓ When the download is complete, will my stories be saved in which directory?

Videos are downloaded and saved in a folder by the name of "Downloads" by default; however, you have the opportunity to use "Save As" to relocate the "Downloads" folder to a different place on your computer.

💾 Can I download both videos and photos using Highlights downloader?

Yes, you can download and save both of them.